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Want to know what God's calling is for your life? Here are six signs.Do you often ask yourself, “What is my calling?” What is it that I’m supposed to do with my life?” If so, you’re not alone.

I firmly believe that we weren’t put on this Earth simply to get a job, earn a paycheck and buy happiness with things and experiences. We were put on this Earth to serve God and He equipped us with unique experiences, talents, and passions in order to fulfill His calling upon our lives.

While I can’t tell you with all certainty what your calling is, your purpose is first to love and follow Jesus, then spread the good news that Jesus died for our sins that we might be granted eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

1. God Gives You A Call To Action

When most people think of a calling, they think about an occupation. Sometimes your calling overlaps with your line of work, and sometimes it doesn’t. Your calling is not dependent upon your job or your paycheck. God gave us the ability to work that we might be able to pay for our necessities in this life, but God may have called you to do something different and much bigger than your occupation. Regardless of whether you make a living doing it, He gives you a call to action.

2. He Gives You A Ministry

Though God didn’t call us all to be preachers, I think He called us all to be teachers. Through our life experiences He’s been molding us since birth to find our ministry. Perhaps those trials you went through were preparation for your ministry.

Maybe you struggled as a teen mom, but found your way with Jesus’s help. Perhaps God has instilled in you (through your experience) a deep desire to help other teen moms. Maybe you struggled with homelessness and feel compelled to advocate and help people find permanent homes.

It’s really hard to think that our struggles were actually preparing you for your calling. God gives us a calling to help others and we usually feel pulled to help those who’s struggles we understand the most.

3. He Gives You The Tools

God cultivates special talents and abilities in all of us. While it would be great if they all made us wealthy, that’s not really the purpose of a calling (a side effect sometimes perhaps). Everyone is good at something. It’s God equipping you for your calling.

He wouldn’t ask you to build a wall and not give you the tools and materials. Sometimes it’s us that ignore our special skills because they are overwhelming or scary. I’ve been a writer from the time I was a young girl and yet I couldn’t say the words out loud until about a year ago.

Even after accepting my calling, I still struggle with it daily. That’s because I know I can’t do it on my own. It seems impossible at times, especially when you don’t know if it’s making an impact on anyone.

I’m just realizing now that God didn’t call us to worry about the details. He’ll take care of that. We just need to pray and ask for guidance, and He’ll take it from there.

4. You Can’t Not Do It

Like I said before, I’ve been a writer forever and I’ve also tried to quit a million times. But it’s kind of like trying to quit having brown eyes. Sure, you can put colored contacts in, but that doesn’t change what’s true. You are who you are. I am a writer.

What can you no sooner stop doing than stop breathing? What gets you up in the morning, puts a fire in your heart, makes you push through the days you thoroughly want to give up? The reason you can’t give up is because it’s your calling and if you want to follow Christ, you have to pick up your cross and get walking.

5. The Enemy Will Attack You Where It Hurts

The Enemy likes to attack and exploit our fears and weaknesses. When it comes to your calling he’ll hit below the belt. He’ll tell you that you’re worthless and you’ll never be successful. He’ll convince you all the doors you’re knocking on are welded shut.

He’s not mentioning that you have Jesus as your doorman. Yeah, the doors are closed to you, but only until God opens them. We just need to have patience to wait on God and find the courage to walk through them.

Not only have I been a writer my whole life, I’ve also had the enemy in my ear my whole life telling me the lie that hurts the most. It’s the one that shakes me to my core and makes me quiet – “You have nothing to say. No one will listen.”

I was a shy girl in school. I was afraid to speak up; afraid to be wrong. But God knew He could use my voice without me every having to say a single word. He made me a writer. How brilliant is that? He already gave me a calling that was designed to fend off the Enemy’s lies.

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t get hard to drown him out at times. I find that He usually attacks me hard when my cup is running low. I’ve been serving a lot at church lately and haven’t been able to attend service as much as I’d like. My cup is lower than usual. But God has stepped in and helped me find refilling stations in some wonderful Christian women who have really taken it upon themselves to help me when the Enemy was yelling particularly loud.

If the Enemy is trying really hard to keep you from doing something, it’s usually a good sign that it’s your calling.

6. It’s Too Big For You

God often gives us callings that are too big for us to carry alone. We need God’s help. When you are looking for your calling, you need to look to what’s true – God’s word. Sometimes He speaks to us through scripture or other people. Sometimes you can hear His voice speaking directly to your heart. When you pray earnestly, He’ll tell you what you are called to do with your life.

What’s your calling?

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